Great Gifts For Bakers Hand-Turned Cherry Rolling Pins

Hand-Turned Cherry Rolling Pins


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If you’re taking the time to make homemade pastry, do it the right way.

Beekman 1802 master woodworker, Carl Stoner, hand turns our Beekman 1802 rolling pins out of locally grown cherry wood. Just like the kind Joanna Beekman would have used, these hardwood pins will last for generations. and naturally darken with age. Choose between either the french tapered rod style, or the modern flat version. Both are turned from one solid piece of cherry wood and ergonomically designed to roll smoothly without the use of moving parts (so no stray dough trapped in handle crevices.)  Wash by hand with water only, no soap. Walnut or mineral oil can be applied occasionally if desired to restore luster.